The Payoff

You ever have that one friend? Delightful one minute, and a rage-fueled monster the next? You like their company, but you’re never sure when they’re going to go off and reveal the Mr. Hyde that lurks within. The second season of Telltale’s Batman has been about being trapped in a room with this particular kind of person, and the fourth episode makes good on all the tension associ...[Read More]

Majestic Monsters And Where To Find Them

The latest game in the Monster Hunter franchise brings the core elements that have made the franchise a cult classic – difficult battles, fun and interesting progression, and stomping on dinosaurs with your friends – and opens the door for a deluge of new players with a more accessible sheen. Make no mistake, hearty challenges are still at the center of the experience, so veterans won&...[Read More]

A Dull Stroll Through The Sanatorium

By poking fun at slasher films and providing a captivating interactive horror experience, 2016’s Until Dawn was a pleasant surprise. Developer Supermassive Games’ successful storytelling made me hopeful for Until Dawn’s VR prequel, The Inpatient, but I struggled to keep interest due to mediocre scares and a forgettable cast. The Inpatient takes us back 60 years and is set in the ...[Read More]

A Philosophical Tale Hindered By Flawed Controls

Can you imagine a world where no one can experience negative feelings? Would it help humanity flourish, or would it brainwash us to be mindless robots? The Red Strings Club attempts to answer these questions by delivering an engrossing, philosophical adventure game about the importance of human emotion. Taking place in a dystopian future, The Red Strings Club has you control three different charac...[Read More]

A Love Letter To The Past

Developer Castle Pixel’s affection for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is immediately and persistently evident in Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King. With sprawling dungeons, enjoyable puzzles, and intense boss battles that deliver new twists, it’s a worthwhile adventure despite relying on the tried-and-true formula of Nintendo’s classic series. Blossom Tales puts you in co...[Read More]

Rewarding Repetition

Sky Force Reloaded is a bit unusual in design. Grinding for levels has more to do with your progress than the skill of weaving through a sea of bullets. This may sound like a dreadful approach to a vertical-scrolling shooter, but Sky Force Reloaded succeeds in making almost every second matter – whether it’s victory over a challenging boss or defeat to a basic enemy. Your ship is conti...[Read More]

Teach Your Friends To Kill Each Other

Crawl is a multiplayer experience that feels entirely new thanks to its ambiguous genre designation. It plays like a brawler, but rewards like a fighting game, and constantly forces you to change your playstyle. The arcade multiplayer experience borrows its style from old-school arcade games (it even flashes ‘insert coin’ instead of ‘press start’), but the actual mechanics ...[Read More]

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