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Dead Rivals Beginner’s Guide: Prepare for Zombies!

Dead Rivals, the new zombie MMO mobile game, is finally out and players all around the world are blowing zombies brains out left and right. If you want to get in on the action, but want some guidance for how to play the game and what to expect out of the first few hours Character Choices There are three characters to choose from along with a few cosmetic customization options. The three options ar...[Read More]

God Of War (2018) – Full List of All Odin’s Ravens Locations

The pantheon-switching God of War reboot is quickly becoming legendary for the huge number of collectibles to be found, including those vexing green birds that squawk at Kratos from hidden perches.  When you manage to smash one, a new labor titled The Eyes of Odin is unlocked, which tasks you with killing all of Odin’s Ravens so the Allfather can’t keep an eye on yo...[Read More]

Overwatch Class Guide

Within Overwatch there are four classes (or roles): Offensive, Defensive, Tank and Support. Each class has a specific role or objective within the team, such as poking, healing, tanking, picking, etc. The guide below offers an explanation of each class, the heroes that make them up, and the best way to optimize your playtime and potentially help you improve, whether it be to gain Elo, build g...[Read More]

God Of War (2018) Complete Shrine Locations Guide

Sony wants you to worship at the altar of God of War so badly that they commissioned a painter to craft a 50-foot-tall shrine to the game in Berlin! After having finally played the game, I can’t say I disagree with that enthusiasm. That’s not the only God of War shrine around, though, as there are 11 Jotnar shrines scattered across the game that tell the epic history of the w...[Read More]

DanMachi: Memoria Freese Tier List

There’s nothing worse than getting to the boss of a dungeon run in mobile game DanMachi: Memoria Freese and having a party wipe because the characters you invested your time in sucked (especially since this game’s subtitle might as well be Memoria FREEZE on account of all of the crashing it does). Avoid this terrible fate, player, by playing smarter with this guide!...[Read More]

God of War (2018) Guide: Nornir Puzzle Chest Locations and Solutions

There are tons of different chests in God of War. Many of them will contain hacksilver, while others will contain runes. However, others, called Nornir chests, will contain upgrades for Kratos, such as health and rage boosts. You’ll want to take advantage of these upgrades because they’ll make your journey a whole lot easier.  Each of these coffers is well hidden and locked behind...[Read More]

God of War (2018) Guide: All Artifact Locations

Like other games in the series, God of War has various collectibles strewn about the world for you to collect. As you travel through the various regions of Midgard, you’ll come across artifacts that will help you complete Labors (in-game mini quests) and that you can use to upgrade your ax or sell to vendors for money later on. Some are in plain view, some are hidden, and some are found...[Read More]

Fornite Taco Shop Locations – Week 9 Challenge

Wondering where to find the taco shops in Fortnite for the Season 3, Week 9 challenges?  There are five Fornite taco shops we’ve found so far, but they are spread across the map, so you want to plan your route ahead of time to avoid getting stuck in the storm. Looking for the Moisty Mire treasure map location instead? We’ve got you covered with a full Week 9 treasure hun...[Read More]

CHRONO MA:GIA — Unlockable Gifted Magia Skills

In Hearthstone, Hero Powers were core elements of each Hero’s identity, and they were an ever-present part of your deck that you could tailor your strategy around. This is doubly true for CHRONO MA:GIA‘s Magia Skills because of the very specific costs associated with each Gifted’s Magia Skills. In fact, the Magia Skills you choose will often form the backbone for m...[Read More]

Fortnite Moisty Mire Treasure Map Guide For Week 9

Let’s go treasure hunting in Fortnite once again, this time to Moisty Mire and then Retail Row! Season 4 is almost here, and it’s looking more and more like Tilted Towers is about to get demolished by a meteor. There’s still a little over a week to go with this current season, though, and new Fortnite Battle Pass challenges just arrived to keep you busy while we await t...[Read More]

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor Beginner’s Guide – Getting Started and Grinding With Purpose

When your source material is a hit anime and novel series about being trapped inside a video game, it stands to reason that there’s bound to be a video game (or two, or six) to follow. It also stands to reason that the latest Sword Art Online game is an MMORPG — and in this particular iteration, Bandai Namco Entertainment has brought the experience to the small screen on both...[Read More]

How to Build Shudderwock Shaman in Hearthstone

The latest Hearthstone expansion, The Witchwood, introduced a new legendary that boggles the minds of many ladder players — Shudderwock. This card simply repeats all battlecries that have been active during a match-up, but it opens so many possibilities that it’s hard to imagine. Many players build mostly an OTK version of the Shudderwock Shaman, but if you’re tired of repeating ...[Read More]

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