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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Review

At first blush, the premise of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle sounds like a twisted kitbash that would spring out of some bad, late-night message board conversation, only to be written off as “too weird.” “It’ll never happen,” they’d say, as they pivot back to pitching their “Mega Man but with Wrestlers Instead of Robot Masters” idea to anyone who w...[Read More]

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Guide: How to Get Credits Faster to Unlock Heroes and Villains

When you first boot up Star Wars Battlefront 2 and go to the Collection tab at the top of the game’s start-up screen, you’ll find that there are 24 heroes, villains, and starships to unlock. Some of these are already available to you, such as Boba Fett, Rey, the Millennium Falcon, and Darth Maul’s starfighter, the Scimitar. However, there are quick a few heroes and villains that ...[Read More]

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Guide: All Campaign Collectibles and Locations

Star Wars Battlefront 2 has a campaign that spans 12 missions and multiple planets in a galaxy far, far away. And although each of those missions doesn’t contain hidden crates, there are 23 collectibles to be found before your fight against the Rebellion is over.  If you have EA or Origin access, you already have the option to play BF2‘s first three campaign missions across 10 hou...[Read More]

South Park: Phone Destroyer Guide — Tips and Tricks for Overwhelming Your Foes

South Park: Phone Destroyer is a strategy game where you cleverly play cards on a battlefield in order to overwhelm your opponents. The goal is to destroy the enemy summoner or stage boss while simultaneously defending your own summoner. The problem is that staying alive gets pretty challenging on the game’s harder difficulties, and you really have to be worth your salt to stand a chance in ...[Read More]

South Park: Phone Destroyer Cards Guide — Collecting, Upgrading, and Building Card Decks

Your strength in South Park: Phone Destroyer is in your cards. Without cards, you are nothing; therefore, it is well worth your while to collect and upgrade cards in order to build the best decks you can. If you’re really dedicated to your cards, it’s important to know the most efficient ways to go about improving your decks. That’s why we’ve compiled a guide to show y...[Read More]

6 Places to Submit Your Indie Game for Prizes and Publicity

Getting started in the video game industry is no easy feat. Developing an indie game is already hard work. Once you manage to complete the game, the next step is to market it and encourage people to play it. One way to get attention for your new indie game is to submit it to earn prizes and publicity. If you’re not sure where you should submit your game, then here are six places to consider....[Read More]

South Park: Phone Destroyer Guide — How to Fix the Google Play Error

South Park: Phone Destroyer is finally out on iOS and Android devices. With zeal and a sense of giddy, you land in your device’s app store and download the game, anticipating the moment when you’ll ultimately be able to hit the Play button and get started. You launch the game, wait as it downloads more assets, and get excited as it logs you in — before suddenly being met wit...[Read More]

ELEX Guide: How to Complete the Hands Off Quest

Sometimes in an ARPG, a quest might not tell you everything you need to know in order to complete it. That’s the case with a few quests in Piranha Bytes’ ELEX. However, this quick guide will specifically explain how to complete the “Hands Off” sidequest. How to Activate the “Request for Help” Sidequest The “Hands Off” sidequest is actually ...[Read More]

Everything You Need to Know About Monster Hunter: World’s 14 Weapon Types

Earlier this year, Capcom revealed the 14 weapon types that will be in Monster Hunter: World. The weapon types for the January 2018 release fall into three categories: light, heavy, and technical weapons. Those who have played previous installments of Monster Hunter should note that in this PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (PC release date TBD) release players can alternate between weapons during a miss...[Read More]

5 Tricks to Get Through Your Gaming Backlog

Have you got a library of games on Steam as long as your arm? Have you not even played 75% of your GOG.com library? Well, you’re in luck, as we’re here to help you conquer that backlog. Our useful tips should help you power through those games you always wanted to play but haven’t gotten around to yet. Before you know it, you will have overcome that mountain of games that has bee...[Read More]

Sonic Forces Post Game Guide: Challenge Missions and Extra Avatars

So you’ve finally beaten Sonic Forces — Eggman has been thwarted once again and the world is saved. You could just toss down your controller and call it quits, but what’s the fun in that? There’s so much left to be done! There are loads of Challenge Missions just begging for you to complete them. The more you knock out, the more Fashion you’ll unlock. You can eve...[Read More]

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